ISACIP Project

The implementation of the African Climate Institutions Support Project (ISACIP) of the African Development Bank (AfDB) at the African Center for Meteorological Applications for Development (ACMAD) was implemented by the agency SeaQuest- Infotel Inc. (selected through the reference tender N ┬░ 010 / ACMAD / ISACIP) through a mandate of Supply of hardware and software for the operationalization of the activity related to the climate in four lots which are:

Lot 1: climate data backup system
Lot 2: database management system climate
Lot 3: downscaling system output of global climate models and scenarios
Lot 4: statistical processing system of climate data

The offer SeaQuest-Infotel Inc. services ACMAD was based on an integrated approach around these four lots with a view to optimizing the treatment of climatic data from its collection to its translation into information or product for decision support. The realization of the services was made in four main stages namely the hardware control, delivery and installation of equipment and finally training component on software tools associated with the hardware device.

The mandate entrusted by ACMAD is part of a continental and continental African context in which climatic and environmental issues increasingly present major socio-economic impacts that affect the safety, health and well-being of populations.