Enterprise Ressource Planning

LgiERP is an excellent management tool evaluated and referenced by experienced experts. is a fully integrated management tool offering advanced performance. It is aimed at public and private companies (government, banks, service companies, etc.). It is based specifically on the needs of trades covered in business but also on the needs expressed by different users of our applications over the years. This justifies its realization around a software hub offering a cross-application integration engine.

LgiERP provides users with user-friendly and dynamic interfaces. It has a system of parameterization allowing to personalize the environment according to the profile of its choice: (acronym of the company, social name, right of accessibility to the data, etc.). It provides users with access to information.

LgiERP consists of several modules that are constantly revised to meet the requirements of technological evolution. All these modules are application objects that can operate autonomously or in assembly around the kernel according to the specific needs of users:

– LgiCOMPTA provides accounting management according to SYSCOA standards and requirements. It interfaces and adapts easily to other subsystems or accounting needs and offers export options.

– LgiSTAP supports the management of the stocks and supplies of the company: control of the movements of the articles in time and space.

– LgiIMMO manages all fixed assets thanks to a simple and effective classification of data.

– LgiRHU is intended for the management of human resources from the recruitment to the constitution of the career file of the agent.

– LgiPAIE provides payroll management and monitoring of changes affecting salary. It offers data exchange facilities.

– LgiCOUR improves the communication between the different structures by automating the exchange processes.

– LgiAUTO manages the rolling stock of the company. This makes it possible to have a consistent and effective follow-up.e.