Founded in 1990, Le Groupe Infotel  has been renamed SeaQuest-Infotel. This new name not only aims to cover more broadly the fields of computer and telecommunications applications already part of our mission, but also reflects the development of our activities in the maritime field (Sea for Sea and Quest for research).

Based in Longueuil, SeaQuest-Infotel is one of the largest Canadian companies specializing in Information and Communication Technologies in West Africa. The company, which has 27 years of experience, is financially sound and operates in 7 countries, including 5 in Africa. Our clientele consists of public administrations (governments, municipalities …), private companies and port authorities.

On a technical level, we employ highly qualified Directors, Engineers and Consultants who have successfully completed large-scale projects in Canada and Africa. In addition, an average of ten employees work in our various African branches and about twenty consultants and strategic partners based in Canada bring us their technical support on demand.

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